Wing Jet: Challenge Accepted

Wing Jet: Challenge Accepted Episode 4

Wing Jet: Challenge Accepted Episode 4

Teammates or opponents? This time, Jian proposed a challenge to the almighty dunk champion Tan Wing Jet in this awesome episode of Wing Jet: Challenge Accepted! Check out the 4th matchup featuring these challenges: Flip-tac-toe, NBA2k2020 3v3 and Balloon Pyramid!

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Written by Wing Jet Tan
With his humorous and infectious personality, Tan Wing Jet has gone from entertaining crowds on the basketball court to online videos and amassing tens of thousands of social media followers along the way. A former national basketball player who has represented Malaysia at the 2014 FIBA Asia U18 Championships, Tan Wing Jet has set his sights on content and entertaining the masses of late. In the 2019 Agong Cup Dunk Contest, Tan Wing Jet also managed to steal the crown with a dunk over a 6ft 10 in spectator. Profile

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