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Turn Your Pass into a DIME with the WRAP Pass | Basketball 101

Basketball 101: The WRAP Pass

Turn your pass to your teammate into a Gift with the Wrap Pass!

Season 2 Lesson 4: The Wrap Pass

Drawing inspiration from Malaysia’s national coach during a pickup, coach Nabil brings to you a pass that defies common sense.

Written by Nabil Rauf
Starting out as an And-1 Streetballer and being crowned the And-1 Malaysian FreeStylist Champion in 2006, Nabil Rauf has since dedicated his focus to developing the grassroots of basketball. Bayang Gelap, the amateur basketball club he started in Bangi, focuses on player development and centers around the mantra, ‘all-for-one, one-for-all’. Bayang Gelap prides itself on having one of the biggest fan bases with the most interesting personalities in the Malaysian amateur basketball scene. Profile

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