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These shoes helped LeBron and the Lakers top the Western Conference?! | Kaki Kartel by Huddle

These shoes helped LeBron and the Lakers top the Western Conference?!

Los Angeles Laker’s King James has been rocking the Lebron 17 Low heavily in his on court rotation since the NBA restart! How does it perform? Let’s find out!


Starting off with the design aspect. Here is the ‘Tune Squad’ or ‘Space Jam’ colorway which gives a nod to the upcoming movie featuring LeBron James and Bugs Bunny and co. Hits of red and blue can be seem on the predominantly white upper. The swoosh also features the ‘hare’ fur which is a really cool detail. There is also Bugs’ favourite saying on the inside of the tongue. Overall there are other colorways available but this one really caught my eye and looks fresh on court!


The Lebron’s 17 Low features a mix of mesh and synthetic leather materials. Mesh can be found predominantly in the upper while synthetic leather overlays cover the high wear areas of the shoe. While I would have preferred “Knitposite” material they used on the Lebron’s 17 highs, the materials on these are not too shabby. It’s still flexible and breathable which giving you a nice feel on foot once broken in.


The traction on the Lebron’s 17 Low is similar to the one featured in the older brother, Lebron’s 17. The traction features a multi-directional, solid outsole pattern. However, the one change they made in this model is that it’s not as articulated as the Lebron’s 17. Flex groves are present which allows for better coverage. On most court surfaces, you should be good to go! Traction is definitely something I enjoyed.


This is one of my gripes with the shoe. In my opinion, the lacing system doesn’t really do much to help at all. Most of the fit and containment comes from the overall one piece construction of the shoe. However, you can tighten or loosen up the laces slightly but it won’t make much of a difference.


A zoom bag in the heel coupled with react foam in the forefoot should be every cushion lovers dream. I would have preferred another full length zoom set up but somehow this combination works too. The react foam is not as squishy as what you might have in the epic react runners. Instead you get a stable cushioned ride that provides you with good impact protection as well as court feel. The zoom air bag somehow feels lower to the ground compared to the Lebron’s 17’s. This is a good thing considering most Lebron’s tend to sit a little too high off the ground and some players might feel unstable as a result.


This is another issue I found with the Lebron’s 17 Low. One the initial try on I went “TTS”, which was a mistake. The shoes fitted super snug in the forefoot and my foot felt suffocated with no wiggle room. Narrow footers should be able to get away with going “TTS” but wide footers and players with longer feet might want to go half size up ; even a full size up could work.

Support and Lockdown

Support is something I felt was a little lack luster as well. The last Lebron’s Low I played in was the Lebron’s 12 low and those were super unstable in terms of heel and ankle support. The Lebron’s 17 Low isn’t as bad but I still felt slightly unstable in the ankle area. This could be due to the lower collar height or even the average lacing system.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the Lebron 17’s Low is a decent shoe to play in. It might not be in my immediate rotation as some of the other shoes I’ve tested (The Air Jordan 34 comes into mind here) but I can see how some players will like these. Cushion and traction are the main strengths of this shoe, while the support and fit could be improved. Let’s hope to see some improvements come the Lebron’s 18 and Lebron’s 18 Lows (assuming they make them)

Overall Ratings


Written by Brannon Tan
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