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Pacer’s TJ Warren’s Secret Weapon in the NBA Bubble! | The Film Room Ep. 8

溜馬大殺器T.J. Warren的秘密武器
Pacer’s TJ Warren’s Secret Weapon in the NBA Bubble!

The Film Room Ep. 8

If we were to choose an MVP of the NBA Bubble, this player has to be one of the top choices for the award!

自從NBA重啟之後  T.J. Warren的狀態大爆發,前5場比賽平均射入34.8分,暫時領先所有球員,命中率高達60.5%,三分命中率也有55.6%,幫助溜馬取得4勝1負的成績。
Ever since the NBA restarted in Orlando, TJ Warren has been on a tear! He’s averaging a league-leading 34.8 points per game through the first 5 games, all while shooting a ridiculous 60.5% from the field and a crazy efficient 55.6% from 3PT land! All these production has helped the Indiana Pacers achieve 4W-1L in the NBA Bubble.

T.J. Warren的得分手段豐富,不過最令我印象深刻是他的無球跑位,值得大家學習。
TJ Warren has a number of tricks up his sleeve to put the ball in the basket, but his ultimate secret weapon is his off-the-ball movement, which is definitely worth taking another look at!

Let’s check it out!

Written by Jordan Yap
A long standing member of China Press media, Jordan’s passion for the game is unrivaled. He is a respected voice amongst the rabid Chinese fan base of basketball in the region having embarked on a journey to change the basketball content scene in Malaysia years ago. His basketball breakdowns, analysis and a data-driven approach created a dedicated following on YouTube and Facebook over the years. He is a pro and amateur basketball pundit driven by the love of the game. Profile

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