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KL Dragon’s Unpredictable ‘Hawk’ Tactic | The Film Room Ep. 3

KL Dragon’s Unpredictable ‘Hawk’ Tactic

The Film Room Ep. 3

If you had a powerful Center and a sniper-like sharpshooter in your team, then this tactic is definitely up your alley!

沒錯,這一期The Film Room要跟大家分享的戰術,就是吉隆坡猛龍中鋒Will Artino最喜愛的「飛鷹」戰術 – Hawk。
That’s right! In this episode of The Film Room, we would like to share with you KL Dragons Center, Will Artino’s favourite tactic – The ‘Hawk’ Set.

這個戰術把Artino和射手Cade Davis的能力都發揮出來。
This tactic brings out the best of Artino as a center and Cade Davis’ prowess as a premier sharpshooter!

對於防守方來說,你守得住Artino的內線攻擊,卻未必擋得住Cade Davis的外線轟炸,而且別忘記還有從兩翼切入的額外選項,讓對手防不勝防!
As the defense, if you choose to commit to Artino in the paint, you might not be able to stop Cade Davis’ perimeter long bombs! Don’t forget as well that there are Wing players who have the license to drive (get it?) in at any time!

Pick your poison.

Written by Jordan Yap
A long standing member of China Press media, Jordan’s passion for the game is unrivaled. He is a respected voice amongst the rabid Chinese fan base of basketball in the region having embarked on a journey to change the basketball content scene in Malaysia years ago. His basketball breakdowns, analysis and a data-driven approach created a dedicated following on YouTube and Facebook over the years. He is a pro and amateur basketball pundit driven by the love of the game. Profile

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