Nike Air Jordan 7 Review. Like Mike Ep.6

Coming off his first NBA Championship, does the Air Jordan 7 live off the hype from its predecessor? Famously...

Jul 8 · >

Nike Air Jordan 6 Review. Like Mike Ep.5

1991. Michael Jordan’s first championship wearing the Air Jordan 6. The rest is history. Design The Air Jordan 6...

Jul 1 · >

Nike Air Jordan 5 Review. Like Mike Ep.4

The Nike Air Jordan 5 was yet again designed by the one and only Tinker Hatfield.

Jun 18 · >


This is the second signature shoe of Mr. Triple-Double himself - Russell Westbrook!

Jun 13 · >

Nike Air Jordan 4 Review. Like Mike Ep.3

Michael Jordan wore these pair in 1989 during the Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers in a best of 5...

Jun 12 · >

Nike Air Jordan 3 Review. Like Mike Ep.2

Michael Jordan won his 2nd Slam Dunk Competition in 1988 with these shoes.

Jun 12 · >

Nike Air Jordan 1 Review. Like Mike Ep.1

KK reviews the Black Friday colourway. The first high cut Air Jordan shoes. Fully leather material.

Jun 12 · >