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Nike Air Jordan 8 Review. Like Mike Ep.7

Originally inspired by the MA-1 flight jacket, the Nike Air Jordan 8 “Undefeated” colourway design embraces a military green “sequoia” hue with hints of bright orange along the branding and outer sole.

Nike Air Jordan 8 Review. Like Mike Ep.7


Built like a tank , the pair is very solid and clunky, and yes Michael Jordan did play in these pairs! Secondly, the first introduction of the Nike Air Jordan straps in the 8th line!


Similarly to the Air Jordan 6’s and 7’s, surprised would be an understatement. There is no herringbone structure to the traction, but the traction has been good due to the solid rubber outsole and possibly, due to the uncommon holes underneath!


The mid sole has changed from the awkward dense and thick polyurethane to a phylon material which makes a huge difference. The air units used are directly under foot instead of the original placement.


One of the most supportive Air Jordan line that I’ve ever tried on! The straps provides an extra security for the lacing system to lock your feet in.


Stiff materials. You might feel uncomfortable due to the lack of flexibility in terms of flexing your foot. Although having the inner boot gives you a very plush feeling around your foot for a comfortable fit from heel to toe.

Overall Thoughts

The Nike Air Jordan 8 overall is “okay” to play in, but it is not something that will be used as an everyday pair. Bottom line… if you want to play in a Retro, you can. Anyone that says anything otherwise probably can’t ball!

Overall Ratings


Written by Brannon Tan
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