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Nike Air Jordan 7 Review. Like Mike Ep.6

First released in 1992, the Jordan 7 was what Jordan wore to yet another NBA Championship as well as winning the Olympics with the ‘Dream Team’!

Nike Air Jordan 7 Performance Review


The Air Jordan 7 had a whole design revamp from Tinker Hatfield. Gone were the visible air units and the ‘Nike Air’ branding ; Replaced by a ‘hurache’-like design that featured a neoprene bootie. Jordan and Hatfield went with a minimalistic design. But that didn’t affect Jordan’s performance at all!


Defending on the colourway, the Air Jordan 7 features a variety of materials. This particular ‘Ugly Sweater’ colourway features a synthetic leather throughout the shoe. The materials are solid and pretty comfortable. Once broken in, it will conform to your foot and soften up. Definitely one of the better materials to be used on an Air Jordan shoe.


Similar to the Nike Air Jordan 6, this traction pattern doesn’t look very promising at all. However I was pleasantly surprised with the way it performed. The circular hole traction pattern just works well on most surfaces. Clean courts these worked extremely well, on dusty and mildly dusty courts a quick wipe will do the trick. These can be used outdoors however I do not recommend it as the traction pattern will burn out fairly quickly.


One thing I felt lackluster-ed was the support of this shoe. Even though it’s technically a high, I feel like the ‘flaps’ did not do an adequate job in providing support and lockdown. The ‘real’ support comes from the neoprene bootie inside the shoe, however I felt that this was way too low to be supportive enough for most players.


On the flipside, the cushion in the Air Jordan 7 is probably one of my favourite among the Air Jordan line. The full length air unit is no longer encapsulated in a super dense foam. Right from the initial try on you can feel the bounce and responsiveness from the air units, something I definitely love. You get good impact protection along with some decent court feel with the Air Jordan 7. Since I’m a bigger player, the improved cushion from the previous model is a big plus!


I went true to size with these and it’s what I recommend for most people. The Air Jordan 7 caters well to wide footers as well as there is a higher toe box which gives you more space volume in the toe area. Narrow footers should be good going true to size as well but could definitely get away with going half size down if you prefer that snug 1:1 fit.

Overall Thoughts

The Air Jordan 7 was a much more enjoyable testing experience compared to the previous model. The improved cushioning system and reliable traction is what I appreciated the most out of this shoe. However, I do have my concerns with the support being slightly lackluster for some players. Overall YES, you can definitely still ball out in a pair of Air Jordan 7’s!

Overall Ratings


Written by Brannon Tan
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