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Nike Air Jordan 6 Review. Like Mike Ep.5

1991. Michael Jordan’s first championship wearing the Air Jordan 6. The rest is history. Design The Air Jordan 6 takes inspiration from...

1991. Michael Jordan’s first championship wearing the Air Jordan 6. The rest is history.


The Air Jordan 6 takes inspiration from MJ’s sports car. It is also the first Jordan model to feature a heel ‘spoiler’ at the back. The classic Infrared colorway has mostly hits of black, with the iconic shade of infrared at the back portion of the heel.


This AJ6 model features a nubuck material that covers most of the shoe. The material isn’t the best compared to what we have in modern day basketball shoes, but it still works. Some break in time is required for it to mold to your foot .


The traction on the AJ6 doesn’t seem promising, not at least from a first glance. I was surprised that even without herringbone present, the circular pattern worked just as well. Clean courts you’re good to go. As far as dust is concerned, you might have to wipe more frequently during every dead ball to get maximum coverage. These also would work outdoots but I wouldn’t recommend it as the translucent outsole might burn out too quickly.


Featuring a somewhat traditional lacing system, the AJ6 laced up all the way to the top will give you the best support. I personally don’t lace these with the lace locks, but to each his own. Lace these up all the way to the top and you get yourself a supportive shoe.


This is something I did not enjoy in the AJ6. Even though the specs mention the zoom in the heel and forefoot. The stiff polyurathane midsole is so dense that you can’t really feel the cushion at all. You do get court feel but sacrifice impact protection in the process.


I went true to size with these and it’s what I recommend for most people. Narrow footers might be able to go half size down due to the higher toe box volume. Wide footers are definitely good going true to size.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, testing the Air Jordan 6 was definitely an experience albeit a little uncomfortable. But if you wanted to mirror MJ’s first championship then by all means go ahead and play in them. I would rank these among the top 3 most uncomforable Air Jordans to play in, followed closely by the AJ3 and AJ4. Stick to casual use for these.

Overall Ratings


Written by Brannon Tan
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