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Nike Air Jordan 5 Review. Like Mike Ep.4

The Nike Air Jordan 5 was yet again designed by the one and only Tinker Hatfield.

Inspired by Jordan’s biting style and a likening to a WWII fighter plane, the Jordan 5 has shark-tooth shapes on the midsole and is aired with a translucent outsole.

Nike Air Jordan 5 Performance Review


Metallic colour , translucent outsole and the Nike Air Logo stitched together in the shoes!


Translucent forefoot, herring bone outsole gives a better feel on the court. But not recommended to use on dusty courts.


Features a visible air unit in the heel and forefoot. Initially you won’t be able to feel the cushion at the start, but it will break down and blend in the more you use them.


Mimicking the Nike Air Jordan 4 as closely as possible, The 5’s have a synthetic material all around the shoe which also means the more you wear them, the more it will mold around your feet. Finished by some knits. Overall the materials are decent.

Lacing System

Traditional lacing system. Also provides a lace-lock. Customizable lacing structure. Support and lockdown is a go!


True to size fit. Recommended to try on sizes before getting the pair! Refreshing to play in.

Overall Thoughts

It is definitely an improvement in terms of a basketball performance shoe comparing to the Jordan Series before the 5th. You could actually play in these due to the improved and refresh performance. The catch is these pair will take time to blend into. Do give it a try!

Written by Brannon Tan
@btkicks_ aka Brannon Tan is the friendly face of the Kaki Kartel series. An avid sneaker head and collector, Brannon’s sneaker collection features some exclusive and highly sought after kicks! Through the Kaki Kartel series, BTkicks shares his limitless knowledge and expertise of the shoe game, kick reviews, guides and your 101 on the sneaker scene. Profile

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