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Nike Adapt BB

Nike Adapt BB aka EARL (Electro-Adaptive Reactive Lacing) is Nike’s first-ever self-lacing shoe made for basketball.

Nike Adapt BB Performance Review


Slick and clean design with an icy translucent outsole. Very minimalistic silhouette with all the tech packed into it.


Thin layer of soft mesh with some fuse-backing in the tongue of the shoe. The materials feel a bit flimsy and we are unsure about the durability for such a high-cost.


Translucent outsole with a spiral-like pattern. Takes some time to break in, but solid traction after the break-in period. Shallow traction pattern, so recommended for playing indoors only.


Fitted with Nike Cushlon technology. Feels not too firm or stiff, but also not as bouncy as other cushioning setups.

Support and Lockdown

For a laceless basketball shoe, the support is surprisingly good. A beefy heel counter and the lacing system keeps your foot locked in.

Lacing System

Lace or unlace using your phone or using the buttons on the shoe. At 5% battery, the shoe automatically unlaces and will not lace up again until charged.


Wireless charging pad to charge the shoe. As stated by Nike, one full charge can fulfill 4 weeks of basketball action. After 2 weeks of action for me, the battery levels were still at 70%.


Recommended going half size up as the shoe fits slightly narrower towards the toe area. The self-lacing technology provides an adaptive feel for each and every foot shape as well, so it can lace up tighter.

Overall Thoughts

Nike is moving in the right direction for the future of basketball. We were blown away from an aesthetic and innovative standpoint. #TheFuture. Just don’t forget to charge your shoes.

Written by Brannon Tan
@btkicks_ aka Brannon Tan is the friendly face of the Kaki Kartel series. An avid sneaker head and collector, Brannon’s sneaker collection features some exclusive and highly sought after kicks! Through the Kaki Kartel series, BTkicks shares his limitless knowledge and expertise of the shoe game, kick reviews, guides and your 101 on the sneaker scene. Profile

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