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The Film Room Ep. 13

上一集我跟大家分享了熱火最愛用的進攻手段Handoff,這一集我想跟大家分享另一個熱火愛用的進攻手段:Ghost Cut -「幽靈空切」。
Last episode, I shared with everybody the Handoff sequence which Miami Heat loved to attack with. In this episode, I would like to share another offensive strategy that they loved to use – the Ghost Cut.

在東部決賽開始前,凱爾特人主帥Brad Stevens曾經說過,熱火可能是空切和投籃能力最接近勇士的東部球隊,是他見過最會空切的球隊。實際上,熱火是常規賽空切頻率最高的球隊,熱火利用空切來創造得分機會,或者為外線球員創造空間。
Before the start of the Eastern Conference Finals, Celtics head coach Brad Stevens mentioned that Miami Heat might be the team in the East which might be the most similar to Golden State Warriors in terms of their cutting and scoring. It might even be the best cutting team he has ever seen!

In reality, the Heat was the team which cut off-ball with the highest frequency in the regular season, using off-ball cuts to generate points or to create space for their perimeter shooters.

Do you know why is it called the ‘Ghost Cut’?

Let’s jump into it!

Written by Jordan Yap
A long standing member of China Press media, Jordan’s passion for the game is unrivaled. He is a respected voice amongst the rabid Chinese fan base of basketball in the region having embarked on a journey to change the basketball content scene in Malaysia years ago. His basketball breakdowns, analysis and a data-driven approach created a dedicated following on YouTube and Facebook over the years. He is a pro and amateur basketball pundit driven by the love of the game. Profile

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