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Mamba Forever Tribute: The Best Kobe Shoes!

This year, we celebrate the first annual Kobe Bryant Day on August 24. Kobe Bryant was more than a basketball player; to many aspiring athletes and children growing up in Los Angeles and around the world, he was an inspiration and a cultural icon.

Mamba Forever Tribute: The Best Kobe Shoes! by Huddle

In this episode, Brannon Tan talks about the best Kobe shoes he’s had his hands on!

Written by Brannon Tan
@btkicks_ aka Brannon Tan is the friendly face of the Kaki Kartel series. An avid sneaker head and collector, Brannon’s sneaker collection features some exclusive and highly sought after kicks! Through the Kaki Kartel series, BTkicks shares his limitless knowledge and expertise of the shoe game, kick reviews, guides and your 101 on the sneaker scene. Profile

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