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當我們談論當今NBA的最佳雙人組合時, 大家首先應該會聯想到LeBron James和Anthony Davis, James Harden和Russell Westbrook又或者是Kawhi Leonard和Paul George等人吧!

Who do you think of when we mention the best NBA duos in today’s game? It must be either the Lakers’ pairing of Lebron James and Anthony Davis, Houston’s combo of James Harden and Russell Westbrook, or the Clipper’s superstar pairing of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, right?

絕對不會想到熱火的Bam Adebayo和Duncan Robinson, 但是Adebayo和Robinson僅僅靠著一個簡單的配合, 就已經可以讓各隊的防守非常頭痛!

Little known to everyone, Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson is quietly becoming one of the most impressive 2-man pairing with a simple gameplan, even frustrating some of the best defenses across the league!


In this episode, let me explain the ultimate skill of the Heat’s Big Two!

所謂的「必殺技」 其實就是很簡單的Handoff, 字面意思可以翻譯為「接力」. 顧名思義就是利用短距離的傳導, 讓球能簡單地在球員間流動. 射手重新拿到球, 透過簡單的高位掩護得到出手空隙。

The Ulti here is actually just a simple “Handoff” sequence. The shorter distance between the passer and his target allows the ball to flow more smoothly between the players. Once the shooter receives the ball, he utilizes the screen set by the hand-off to create space for his shot.

自2016/17賽季以來, 熱火的handoffs得分在全聯盟排名前五。本賽季是他們在近3個賽季裡,第2次handoffs得分排名第1!Handoff是主教練Erik Spoelstra最愛用的戰術配合之一;其中最大的原因就是他擁有像Robinson這樣的頂尖射手。

Ever since the 2016/17 Season, the Miami Heat have ranked in the top 5 of the NBA for scoring out of a handoff sequence. And this season is the second time in the last three seasons that Miami has ranked top! The handoff is also one of the favourite plays of head coach Erik Spoelstra. One of the main reasons of this, is undoubtedly because he has snipers like Robinson.


According to stats provided by the NBA, in the 2019-2020 regular season, Duncan Robinson is shooting a ridiculous 49.4% after receiving a handoff pass, while his EFG% (Effective Field Goal%) is an even more ridiculous 72.6%! No matter how small the gap, as long as he knows he can finish his shooting motion, Robinson doesn’t hesitate to let it fly!

除了Robinson這位超級射手之外,另一個關鍵就是全明星中鋒Adebayo。從技術特點來看,有人認為他是運動能力更強的「B級版」 Jokic。Adebayo在高位策應時,他的掩護和傳球可以為Robinson創造最舒服的出手機會。

Besides a sharpshooter like Robinson, the other key piece to the success of this is All-Star forward Bam Adebayo. Speaking from a skills standpoint, some people acknowledge Bam as a more-athletic, less playmaking version of Nikola Jokic. Also when Adebayo sets a screen at the high post area, his screening and passing ability creates the best opportunity for Robinson to shoot the ball.


Robinson currently and might not develop the tools to be a on-ball 3-point shot creator, so Adebayo will continue to be the support for Robinson’s off-ball abilities. Stats show that Adebayo assisted on a 78 of Robinson’s 3-point makes in the 2019-20 regular season, which no other duos have come close to, further proving their candidacy for dark-horse of the Best Big-Two!

任何事情不管多麼簡單,做到極致就是藝術。Handoff是很簡單的配合,但是你把Robinson高效的catch and shoot能力,再加上Adebayo出色的高位策應能力;兩者所產生的化學作用,可以帶來強大的破壞力。

At the end of the day, no matter how easy the task, perfecting it is an art. The handoff is originally a very simple sequence, but if you consider Robinson’s high-efficiency catch-and-shoot ability + Adebayo’s back breaking screens at the high post + mix in a little bit of chemistry between the two players, the attacking potential is unimaginable!

Written by Jordan Yap
A long standing member of China Press media, Jordan’s passion for the game is unrivaled. He is a respected voice amongst the rabid Chinese fan base of basketball in the region having embarked on a journey to change the basketball content scene in Malaysia years ago. His basketball breakdowns, analysis and a data-driven approach created a dedicated following on YouTube and Facebook over the years. He is a pro and amateur basketball pundit driven by the love of the game. Profile

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