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How Devin Booker averaged 30.5ppg after the NBA restart! | The Film Room

NBA重啟後場均30.5分,Devin Booker是如何做到的?

The Film Room Ep. 9

這一集的主角就是史上最年輕「70分先生」、鳳凰城太陽的得分機器Devin Booker,我還會跟大家分享一個他在太陽的專用戰術。
The main character of this episode is the youngest ever to score 70 points in NBA history – Phoenix Suns’ scoring machine, Devin Booker! I will also share with you this play that the Suns call for him to get a guaranteed bucket!

Booker has always been seen as the next Kobe; he has also admitted Kobe to be one of his idols. This is largely due to the similarity of Booker’s scoring techniques and approach to the game.

2016年3月,在一場湖人和太陽的比賽後,Kobe送給Booker一雙自己的11代球鞋,並寫下:「Be Legendary(成為傳奇)」來激勵Booker。
In March of 2016, after a match between the Lakers and the Suns, Kobe gifted a pair of Kobe 11s to Booker, signing off to a challenge to “Be Legendary” to encourage the young guard!

2017年3月,Booker在對陣Boston Celtics的比賽中,瘋狂拿下生涯最高的70分,算是初步實現了Kobe的「傳奇挑戰」。
In March of 2017, facing the Boston Celtics, Booker recorded a personal career high and a franchise high of 70 points! You could say that this was his first step to realizing Kobe’s challenge.

The Suns often use this tactic to open up space for Booker to attack. It is one of the variation of “Horns” set. The usual Horns set has 2 bigs standing at the elbows, but the Suns placed Booker at one of the elbows instead, usually the right one!

Let’s check it out!

Written by Jordan Yap
A long standing member of China Press media, Jordan’s passion for the game is unrivaled. He is a respected voice amongst the rabid Chinese fan base of basketball in the region having embarked on a journey to change the basketball content scene in Malaysia years ago. His basketball breakdowns, analysis and a data-driven approach created a dedicated following on YouTube and Facebook over the years. He is a pro and amateur basketball pundit driven by the love of the game. Profile

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