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Adidas Pro Bounce 2018

Do unicorns really exist?

Adidas Pro Bounce 2018: Kristaps Porzingis edition Performance Review


The Adidas Pro Bounce KP edition was released in the Knicks colorway (Orange and Blue) with Porzingis’ name on the toe, also featuring a full-length graphic of a unicorn on the translucent outsole of the shoe. Hints of orange and black also add to the design of the shoe.


Forge-fibre technology (essentially Prime Knit, but slightly thicker for durability) used to provide a lightweight and flexible shoe. Feels very comfortable.


Translucent outsole with a spiral pattern. Works well on any type of court. Reliable and consistent traction.


Adidas PB 2018 uses full-length Bounce cushioning, which offers really good court-feel and a good bounce-back.

Support and Lockdown

High top featuring a padded ankle collar. Provides a comfortable, no-frills, solid support and lockdown system.


Fits true to size. Recommended to try in store before purchase!

Overall Thoughts

Put them on and play, No-frills, no-gimmicks, great fit, SOLID basketball shoes.

Written by Brannon Tan
@btkicks_ aka Brannon Tan is the friendly face of the Kaki Kartel series. An avid sneaker head and collector, Brannon’s sneaker collection features some exclusive and highly sought after kicks! Through the Kaki Kartel series, BTkicks shares his limitless knowledge and expertise of the shoe game, kick reviews, guides and your 101 on the sneaker scene. Profile

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