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Adidas N3XT L3V3L

The idea of a laceless shoe totally blown us away when Gerald Green laced up (or NOT) in these!

Adidas N3XT L3V3L Performance Review


Adidas Next Level features a soft black silhouette with absolutely NO laces. Minimalistic design with a black upper, solid outsole with hints of white.


Features a full-prime knit and reinforced where it needs to be, ie toe cap, heel cage. Flexible where it needs to be.


The shoe features a solid outsole with multidirectional herringbone. The traction pattern is a bit thin. Dust does get trapped easily, so a wipe here and there could do wonders. Traction is inconsistent.


Adidas introduced Lightstrike Foam Technology with this shoe. Impact protection is good, really good responsiveness, good court feel, but might not be the most durable option. Works out to be a little worse than the Boost technology and the Bounce technology.

Support and Lockdown

Support is surprisingly good, never once did we think that ‘I’m gonna roll my ankle wearing this shoe’. It is flexible where it needs to be and is reinforced where it needs to be. The foam piece on the lateral sides of the shoes doesn’t seem like they would work, but it actually DOES! Adidas you wizards!


Recommended to fit true to size.

Overal Thoughts

Conceptually, they shouldn’t work; but the Adidas Next Level somehow makes it work! Definitely fits into our rotation of shoes for basketball!

Written by Brannon Tan
@btkicks_ aka Brannon Tan is the friendly face of the Kaki Kartel series. An avid sneaker head and collector, Brannon’s sneaker collection features some exclusive and highly sought after kicks! Through the Kaki Kartel series, BTkicks shares his limitless knowledge and expertise of the shoe game, kick reviews, guides and your 101 on the sneaker scene. Profile

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